New Beginnings… New Challenges?



I had originally intended this blog to be about my experiences becoming a mother for the first time, whilst suffering from a chronic condition. However, working a full-time job an hour away from where I was living, and what with everything that comes when you’re ‘Expecting’, I found little time within my days to write of my adventures. So, therefore, my blog remained dormant.

Now, I have decided to re-imagine my blog, given my current circumstances:

My daughter turned one about two months ago, I live in Berkshire near Reading in a 2-bedroom mid-terrace with mt significant other.I work part time around the corner from our house as an administrator for the NHS. I went back to work approximately 3 months ago. My daughter goes to a childminder 4 days a week.

And last weekend, I found out that I am ‘Expecting’ again!!

So, my blog will (hopefully) chart and share my experiences of being a mother of two (very close in age!) whilst also suffering from a chronic condition – although, when I didn’t find the time to write when I had one child, I have no idea how I think I’ll have the time with two!!

I guess, that is the challenge…?


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