Soft Toy Story



Lately, I was talking with the childminder who looks after Muffin 4 days a week, and she mentioned Muffin’s love of stuffed toys. As I was leaving, she saw a small stuffed bear on a side nearby, and wanted it. Apparently, wherever she is in the house, there is always a stuffed toy somewhere near her.

She does have quite a lot of stuffed toys in the house, and there’s always been one in her cot with her, even when she was still co-sleeping with me in her bedside cot. There’s a line of several of them on the brick fireplace shelf in the kitchen, and she often pulls herself upright and pulls them all down to play with.

She has her favourite of course: Snuggle Bunny, which she sleeps with every night, and sometimes has to come downstairs in the morning otherwise there’s tears.

As a child myself, I had a massive collection of stuffed toys – I had over a hundred at one point, so it’s great to see that my daughter has a similar love of stuffed toys. Eventually, there comes a point in time when you grow older that you realise it’s not quite practical, and a bit weird! I think though, it speaks to an innocence and a desire to express an affectionate nature – when you are older, you lose this innocence, and learn how to express your affectionate nature to the people around you, rather than some inanimate object.

Although, I must confess, I still own one stuffed toy, from which I shall never be parted – and that is my bear 1980s release care bare. He sits on my bedside table in my bedroom, and wherever I live, he goes.



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