About Me

I’m 30-something geek with an unhealthy obsession with cats. I love computer games, creative writing, reading, films and baking. I also love my family more than anything in the world!!

I currently reside just outside of Reading in Berkshire in a little two-up-two-down with my other half Jason. I work as an administrator for the NHS, he’s in IT and works for a big ol’ fancy IT firm in The City.

We currently have one daughter (Muffin) who is just over a year old, and are expecting our second child (Noob).

About My Condition

I have been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. I have had the associated psoriasis since my late teens (I was diagnosed during my first year of university). A year later, when the psoriasis had grown and spread, I started developing sore aching knees, which my doctors told me was nothing and thus began about seven or eight years of constantly being told by my GP that there was nothing wrong with me.

In the end, the fact that I worked at an orthopedic hospital came to my advantage, as several years out of uni suffering with sore swollen knee joints day in and day out, I had one of the registrars I work with look at me, and they suggested my GP refer me to the rheumatology department, who finally diagnosed me with arthritis.

Despite my many years of living with chronic pain due to the reluctance of my doctors to find anything to diagnose me with (see rant here), I am lucky in that the prognosis for people with psoriatic arthritis is generally good, and my condition is extremely manageable thanks to some amazing drugs. Every so often I have a flare up, and when I do, I go back to the consultant, he tries me on some new medication which is ridiculously efficacious, and then I go away again until the next time I have a flare.

So far, I have had two major flare ups, and I currently take Sulfasalazine tablets daily, and I inject myself every fortnight with Humira (Adalimumab).

Some days my knees will ache or my skin will get bad – seemingly for no reason whatsoever. People have advised me to try alternative therapies, and whilst other people may find this sort of thing works for them, in my research, there is no scientific evidence to suggest any alternative therapies work, and I find that my drug therapy is all I need!